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12 Years of GTA IV, The game for which I bought PS3

Time flies, It’s still like yesterday when as a child I used to get up in the morning and start playing GTA. I remember having a wooden PC that somehow managed to play San Andreas and Vice City. The majority of my time was spent in just these 2 games. Then came the news that GTA 4 is going to be released, I knew that I have to convince my parents somehow in order to get PS3 so that I can start playing the game as soon as it’s released.

After the release, it took me 3 months more before I could finally play the game on PS3, and just like every GTA title, the game was amazing, the story in my personal opinion was way better than we had in the latest GTA game, the GTA 5. Maybe that’s the reason why I completed the GTA IV story almost 4 times.

The Storyline

The game featured Niko Bellic as the main protagonist who immigrates from Europe, since the starting the storyline is quite intense, as soon as Niko reaches Liberty City, he comes to face the reality that what Roman, his brother promised about riches, living in a Mansion etc. are false and that he himself lives in a small dirty apartment, and from then he starts doing some jobs for Roman’s taxi company, and building contacts. Anyhow, unlike GTA V, there is no so-called happy ending with GTA IV, you know what’s going to happen in GTA V next, but GTA IV kept suspense throughout the game. Overall the storyline is the best out of all GTA games, we have had, I have tried to explain it as a brief as possible, but one can only know how great the storyline is by playing the game themselves.


GTA IV was I believe the first GTA game to feature online multiplayer, the multiplayer was simple and fun, and honestly way better than what GTA Online is today, being a Counter-Strike player, I expect the multiplayer to be simple which was the case in GTA IV because it rewarded the players with a better skill (good accuracy, game sense, movement etc.), which GTA V honestly does not do. GTA IV multiplayer was a great way of improving your skill. My opinion on this might be biased because of my personal preferences.


Overall, GTA IV was a great game, and the only game after GTA San Andreas which I believe kept its players constantly hooked into it because that’s what makes the game great. You could lose track of time playing GTA IV. Today, it’s over 12 years old, but still even after personally going through the story almost 4 times, the urge of playing it again does not go away. So if you are someone looking to revisit your good old days playing GTA, do consider playing GTA IV, and for those who play games for their storyline, GTA IV is the game for you.

What memories do you have when it comes to GTA IV? Do let us know in the comments.

12 Years of GTA IV, The game for which I bought PS3 3
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