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ACTIVISION BANS OVER 50K Cheaters from COD WARZONE, Here’s what Valve can do.

Activision announced that they are taking tough action against cheaters who try to play COD Warzone, and they have been actually very concerned about it. In a tweet posted by Infinity Ward the division of Activision responsible for Call of Duty games, they announced what steps they are taking against cheaters when it comes to their new game Call Of Duty: Warzone.

The post shared in the tweet said as quoted

We have been enforcing account bans since Day 1 of Warzone’s release. To date, we issued more than 50,000 permabans worldwide.


The article seemed to indicate the aggressive approach which Activision is implementing when it comes to cheating in their games, which is a good thing to do, because cheating is not only unethical according to me, but ruins the fun for everyone playing the game, it actually makes people leave the game sometimes, and not come back and play again.

Here’s what Valve can do

As someone who plays CSGO, I feel it quite interesting to see Activision coming out against cheaters, and I hope Valve also takes some steps, CSGO recently has seen a surge in its player base, with more than a million players playing on average during peak hours. If someone, unfortunately, happens to play non-prime matchmaking, he is certainly going to face hackers, spinbotters, etc. and from time to time hackers even in prime matchmaking.

Valve has introduced the overwatch system which does work, but is slow, what it needs to do is instantly banning players who try to inject cheats. Spinbotting is easily detectable, and its been only going on for years, because of Valve, which sends even the spinbotter to Overwatch review system, which actually delays the process for many other reports. Why not an instant ban for spinbotting?

Valve seriously needs to step up its game, because CSGO being a highly competitive game has been facing a cheating problem for a long time, and the community does feel ignored from Valve when it comes to addressing issues related to cheating. 3rd party services like Faceit, Sostronk, and ESEA can deliver better anti-cheat systems compared to Valve’s VAC (Valve Anti Cheat), so why not Valve?

So what do you think? Will Valve taking a lesson from Activision take a step in the right direction by introducing a better anti-cheat? Do let us know in the comments.

ACTIVISION BANS OVER 50K Cheaters from COD WARZONE, Here's what Valve can do. 3
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