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Analyzing the impact of Source-Code leak on CSGO

The leak of source code has led many gamers to worry about security, privacy and cheating, hence the need to analyse the possible impacts of the source code leak.

It might seem that the article is ill-timed, but it is mainly because of the widespread speculation, and rumours caused due to the leak, hence the time taken for things to clear

As soon as the news of the source code leak came to public, many rumours started, mostly highlighting the security and privacy issues, and some people suggested to avoid playing CSGO until Valve makes things clear, which Valve did. Just a few hours after the news, the tweets from Valve came as a sigh of relief.

Possible impacts of the source code leak

  1. It’s most likely that cheat developers might be able to exploit vulnerabilities in the source code to work on making better and undetectable hacks, but at the same time Valve, in the long run, will have an edge over the cheat developers, since it will be able to work on those vulnerabilities, also if you have found any security lapse in the source code, you can always report it to Valve, and also get rewarded for it. More information on Valve’s Bug Bounty Program here.
  2. Valve has kept how rank system works in CSGO a secret, the source code leak might reveal how the ranking system in CSGO works, or at least how it used to work.
  3. The source code leak would also reveal the secret how drops in CSGO work, it’s assumed that the drops are random, but it would be interesting to know how it really is.

The impact of the leak diminishes with time, as valve gets on top of things. Also another important thing to consider it is, the source code has been there since a long time, but remained within a small group of people, who knows they did or did not leak it to other small groups before the leak went public?

So what’s your opinion on what other possible impacts the leak might have, and which other mysteries might have light shed on them with this source code leak. Do give your opinion in the comments.

Analyzing the impact of Source-Code leak on CSGO 3
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