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Corsair NightSword RGB Gaming Mouse Review


Perfect weight tunability, that’s something a lot of people would want in their gaming mouse so as to strike the perfect balance between smoothness and traction. That’s where the Corsair Nightsword RGB comes into the action. It can be set to 120 Different weight and balance configurations which easily sets it apart from the rest of the herd. It has everything that one would look for in a premium gaming mouse. Super accurate PMW3389 optical sensor, 10 programmable buttons, durable OMRON switches, comfortable grip, strong yet flexible braided cable, strong build, beautiful 4 fully customizable lighting zones, it has got it all and even more. A solid recommendation to anyone looking for a premium gaming mouse for medium or large hands and excellent weight tunability.

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Corsair NightSword RGB Box

Comfortable shape and has grooves and thumb rest for comfortFeels slightly bulky even without any added weights
120 different weight and balance configurationsCan be uncomfortable for small hands
Super accurate PixArt PMW3391 Sensor
Premium strong and flexible braided cable 
Fits great in medium/large hands
Super durable OMRON Switches
Great customizability using the iCUE Software
Smooth glide thanks to the 5 Teflon mouse glides

Build and Design

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There are no corners cut in terms of build quality. Feels robust and strong in hand, no rattle or any signs of fragility. Everything seems solid and most definitely won’t break anytime soon. The mouse is mostly made of premium quality plastic which feels pretty durable and has rubberized grips on the top and sides. It also has a rubberized scroll wheel which helps in better gripping and control. The Corsair Nightsword RGB is quite a big mouse and is most definitely not light. At a base weight of 119g, it is heavy as-is and can go all the way up to 141g with all the weights attached. There is no denying that the mouse is slightly large, even so, it fits well in most medium hands and easily in larger sized hands. When it comes to holding the mouse, the Corsair Nightsword RGB feels best when using a palm or claw grip, the contoured shape along with the rubber grooves and the thumb rest further enhances the comfort and grip. The Corsair Nightsword RGB is a cool and stylish mouse to look at, sharp edges, beautiful lights. The mouse comes with 10 programmable buttons each of which can be set to macro, buttons, etc using Corsair iCUE software. The buttons are set to default values out of the box. 2 buttons for changing the DPI on the fly, a side button for toggling between the various profiles on the mouse, 2 side buttons which are used for forward/backward function and a dedicated Sniper button which sets the DPI to 400 for precise aiming when required. The buttons are a bit towards the stiffer side, however not stiff enough to cause any discomfort or any such issue. The lighting of this mouse is great, tons of effects and supports the full RGB spectrum of 16.8M colors.  The mouse has 4 separate lighting zones, each of which can be customized using the iCUE Software. These make the mouse even more appealing to the eye. There are DPI indicators and profile indicators as well. The color of the light on the left side indicates the profile, whereas the DPI step is indicated by the 3 bars.


When it comes to the performance, Corsair has left no stones unturned. The sensor being used is the PMW3391 which is a top tier sensor. Flawless and accurate tracking with 400 IPS and a polling rate of 1000Hz or 1ms. It goes from 100 DPI all the way up to 18000 DPI in steps of 1 DPI. The sensor does not spin out even while doing fast flicks. The OMRON switches are not only durable but offer good tactile feedback and sound good as well when clicked. Under the mouse, the 5 Teflon glide pads can be seen. These offer a smooth glide and helps greatly in doing the quick flicks. Then talking about the cable, as mentioned before its braided and is pretty flexible and durable. No signs of cable drag whatsoever. Then, there is the unique trait of the mouse which is the astounding 120 different weight and balanced configurations. Being able to set the perfect weight and balance configuration allows the user to get a perfect balance.


The Corsair iCUE offers a plethora of customizations and settings for the mouse. Custom profiles can be stored both on the on-board memory of the mouse or locally on the computer. Almost anything and everything can be customized here. The lighting, weight/balance configuration, button functions, surface calibration, etc. The lighting mode and colors of the aforementioned 4 fully customizable lighting zones can be customized using the Lighting Tab. The DPI tab, as the name suggests is used for changing the DPI settings of the mouse, be it the X-axis or the  Y-axis, both can be set individually. Coming to the Performance Tab, Aim Snapping, Pointer Precision can be toggled and Pointer Speed value can be changed here. Then comes the Calibration Tab which is used for Surface calibration so your mouse works flawlessly on the current surface being used. Finally, the Weight Tuning tab which is used for real-time monitoring of the current weight of the mouse and shows which weights are currently attached to the mouse. Even, the center of mass of the mouse can be changed, if so desired.

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