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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset Review!


The Corsair Virtuoso is a premium wireless gaming headset that ticks all the right boxes. A minimalistic design that definitely makes it look way more premium and classy than the other gaming headsets which are quite flashy to look at. The colors of the subtle Corsair logos on the ear cups, the design, the build quality everything feels classy. They are pretty comfortable thanks to the cushioned ear cups and the neutral clamping force and can be used while wearing glasses as well. The gaming performance is great, with only marginal latency difference between wired and wireless, mic quality is pretty good the voice has good bass and has respectable clarity. Overall, a good recommendation to someone who wants a premium, classy wireless headset and is ready to pay a hefty price for it.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset Review! 1
Minimalistic and elegant designNot the most comfortable pair for those with slightly larger ears
Premium and solid build quality
Versatile connectivity options
Excellent mic performance
Respectable audio quality which is well balanced
Lots of customization using the iCUE software

Inside the box 

  • The headphones
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • USB Dongle
  • 1/8″ TRRS Cable
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Manual 
  • Carrying Pouch

Build and Design

When it comes to build quality, there have been no corners cut. Corsair has taken a minimalistic approach here. The design is simple yet premium and classy. Definitely way less flashy than most gaming headsets out there. The only element that only comes close to the word ‘flashy’ is the Corsair logo which is present on both the sides which lights up and the color can be customized using the iCUE software. This is not flashy however, it’s very subtle and adds a unique look to the headphones. The headphones are made from premium quality plastic which feels strong along and the headband has a mix of metal as well for added durability. The ear cups and the headbands are decently padded and have good quality faux leather which gives them an even more appealing look and better comfort. There are easy to use controls on the ear cups, volume scroll which has infinite scroll and is slightly stiff, microphone toggle, connectivity toggle, and a power button. The headset does not feel flimsy by any means and won’t most definitely not break from some minor accidental drops or bumps anytime soon.

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Speaking about the comfort, the Corsair Virtuoso RGB performs well. While not being super comfortable and lightweight it’s not bad by any means. The padded ear cups and headband are decently breathable, however, you may still sweat depending on the current weather. So, you might not wanna use them for working out, however, for gaming and casual use, these are pretty comfortable and would not pose any issues. These are slightly heavy at ~390g and the clamping force is not too light. So, it might be an issue for some when using for extended durations but should be fine for the most part. The clamping force is not an issue when it comes to wearing glasses, so no worries in that regard either. So, in terms of comfort overall, it does pretty well, however, it could have been better.


When it comes to gaming performance the Corsair Virtuoso RGB  does pretty well indeed. The latency is pretty similar to both the wireless mode and the wired mode, with no noticeable delay between the two, thanks to the Corsair Slipstream Wireless technology which allows super-fast connectivity when wireless.  The microphone is a very important factor when it comes to gaming performance, as we all know teamwork is essential in almost every online game. We are happy to say that the mic on the Corsair Virtuoso RGB is excellent with good bass and clarity. On top of that has great noise cancellation so most of your background noise won’t come through and annoy your teammates. 

Talking about the audio quality, the headphones provide a balanced sound, during gaming different audio cues can be distinguished between easily and the same can be said while normal usage and music, good clarity, no overpowering highs. Overall, nothing to complain about really.

There are lots of connectivity options with this headphone. 2 wired options USB C cable (6.3 feet long) and 1/8″ TRRS cable (5.1 feet long) and 1 wireless option which is the USB Dongle. Being a wireless headset, battery life is an important factor. The Corsair Virtuoso RGB can last around 14hours of usage and takes about 4 hours to charge. However, the headphones can be used even while charging so no issues regarding that.


Using the software lots of settings of the headphones can be changed. It has it all, volume control, 7.1 surround toggle, audio presets, option to create new presets, mic audio playback, changing sleep timer settings, changing lighting settings of the Corsair logo on the earcups, firmware update, etc. The settings are stored on the dongle so if you change the device, you don’t have to set up everything from scratch.

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