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CSGO: Abbreviations and terms, Do you know them all?

If you are someone new to CSGO, and just started playing with your friends, there are some abbreviations, and terms used, which you might not be familiar with, players usually get to know about them with time, but why not make things easier for everyone? So we have listed down common terms and abbreviations used in CSGO.

Common Terms and Abbreviations

Used before the match start

  • GLHF – Good Luck Have Fun, mostly used in the All players’ chat, once the warmup ends, and players get ready for the first round.

Used during the match

  • ECO – The round where you save money, These are the rounds where you do not buy anything, so that you get enough money to buy weapons next round. Sometimes player buy CZ, Tec 9 along with Armor, that is referred to as Half/Partial Eco.
  • Anti Eco – Buying high kill reward weapons like Shotguns, when you know the enemy team is doing an ECO.
  • Hit/Tagged – To indicate how much damage the enemy has received. Example:- So you shoot an enemy, but lose the gunfight, you can give your teammates a call that the player is 84 Hit/Tagged, to indicate the enemy is low on HP.
  • Smurf – A player with a much higher rank, playing with an account with a much lower rank.
  • Lurker – A player who does not play with the team, tries to sneak behind the enemy.
  • Need Drop – To ask your teammates to give you weapons.
  • Stack – When 4 or 5 players are defending one single bomb site.
  • Wall Bang – Hitting or killing an enemy through the wall.
  • TK/FFTeam Kill, Friendly Fire
  • NT – Nice Try, Commonly used when your teammate fails to clutch the round.
  • AFK – Away from Keyboard, Used to point to a player who is not moving or responding.

Used after the first 15 rounds, during team switch

  • GH – Good Half

Used during the GAME END

  • GG – Good Game
  • GGWP – Good Game Well Played
  • EZPZ – Easy Peasy
  • BB – Bye Bye

Weapon Names

Some weapons, and utilities are not called by their original in-game names by players

  • SG553 – Krieg
  • SSG 08 – Scout
  • SCAR-20 & G3SG1 – Gaygun, AutoSniper
  • Desert Eagle – Deagle
  • Molly – Incendiary/Molotov
  • Nade – High Explosive Grenade

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