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CSGO Celebrates it’s 8th Birthday Today!

On 21st August 2012, CSGO was released !

Time flies, and today the game we all grew up playing with turns 8. Counter Strike Global Offensive which was released as a successor to Counter Strike: Source, it also served as a replacement to CS 1.6, which Counter Strike Source could not do.

Although the love for CS 1.6 never ends, but it was CSGO which was finally able to beat 1.6 in terms of popularity. Today CSGO is still unmatched as an FPS, despite COD, Valiant, and many games trying to give it a competition, Counter-Strike always remains a class apart.

Many of my real friends were made while playing CSGO in gaming Cafe’s, and some I met online. CSGO for me is not just a game, it’s something that cannot be described in words. The role which CSGO has played in my life if I try to write is never-ending, the more I write, the more is left.

Our friends at theScore esports have done an amazing job to explain The Store of CSGO: The Game that never dies. If you want to revisit everything great which has happened in the CSGO scene, the video is must watch.

It’s unlikely there will be a successor to CSGO, so a very happy birthday to you CSGO, hope the developers at Valve keep making the gaming great!

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