CSGO: Guide to Launch Options


The guide is here to tell you all about CSGO Launch Options, which are described in detail, and how you can use them to enhance your gaming experience. Since launch options are highly underrated and ignored by players, I felt a guide explaining them is very much necessary.

What are Launch Options?

Launch Options are commands that makes the game perform certain actions while launching, you can also use them to force some settings. For example : To run the game in 144hz Tick Rate, Launch the game without CSGO Intro, or launch the game in windowed mode, or run the game in a specific resolution, the examples are many.

How can I set these launch options?

Well its very easy to do, simply

  • Go to your Steam Library
  • Right-click on Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Select Properties.
CSGO: Guide to Launch Options 1
  • After selecting properties, you can select “Set Launch Options”, which will open a window where you can add different launch options. Launch options are indicated by a dash or - and are separated by a space
  • Examples of Launch options can be seen in the image below where -novid and -console are 2 different launch options.
CSGO: Guide to Launch Options 2
CSGO Launch Options screen

Launch Option Commands

So lets begin with the list of commonly used Launch Options, with their function.

  • -novid Starting the game with this launch option will result in CSGO Intro being skipped which is played when you launch the game. I personally consider this launch option a must-have since the Intro video is useless and a waste of time.
  • -console Using the launch option will open your console automatically as soon as the game completes its launch.
  • -tickrate 128 When you create an offline server to practice with bots or even a server to do a 1v1 with your friend, by default the server is 64 tick, using this launch option the server created will always be 128tick.
  • -high This launches the game in high priority mode, which can give players with lower-end computers to get higher fps, but there’s no guarantee.
  • -full This launch option forces the game to launch in full-screen mode.
  • -windowed This will force the game to launch in windowed mode. It is recommended to use this launch option alongside -h and -w.
  • -w -h This forces the game to start with the resolution you specified, e.g. -w 1920 -h 1080.
  • -refresh 144/240 If you have a monitor that supports 144hz, 240hz tick rate, you need to use this launch option so you can enjoy CSGO at 144/240hz refresh rate.
  • -language English launch CSGO in your desired language (Supported languages: Russian, German, Polish, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Czech, Brazilian, Thai, etc.)
  • -untrusted launch CSGO in the insecure mode so that you can use third-party apps. This feature was added in the most recent CSGO update. (Your Trust factor might be effected negatively)

So these were some of the common launch options, do you think we missed any of the launch options? Do let us know in the comments.