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CSGO Player develops an AI-Powered Coaching tool which provides In-Game tips!

One of the major things which CSGO, is its community which not only is the most loyal to the game but also keeps on giving back to the game. From making maps which allow you to play Table Tennis and chess in-game to making an AI-Powered coaching tool which gives you tips on how you can improve your game, that too in-game. The community is filled with unique ideas and never stops giving its best.

Reddit user benm606 recently presented his creation to the CSGO community, which is an AI-Powered coaching tool that provides in-game tips to players.

The application has been named ‘Tip Genius‘, it is available on the Overwolf App Store, and is free to download and use.

How does the application work?

According to the official description of the application on Overlay:-

Your client application tracks your in-game scenario and, either between rounds or on your command, queries our database of 1000+ scenario-tip relations in search of relevant tips. If a match is found, it’s presented to you via an unintrusive overlay.

Tip Genius automates and integrates the search of tips into your game. This means you no longer need to scour the internet in search of tips, they come to you. This also means you don’t have to watch lengthy tip videos just to come back to your game and have forgotten all of them.

Once installed and running, you can play CSGO and get into a competitive match or a casual match, and the app will start giving you tips. As soon as you get fragged, the tool provides you a tip that you can use. The tips are not just utility lineups but many other things. Since all of this happens while you are spectating, it does not in any way interfere with your gameplay.

The video below shows what exactly the app does.

Is the Coaching tool Safe to Use?

According to the developer

It’s an official app on the Overwolf App Store so it’s completely safe to use! All apps go through a rigorous approval process with input from Overwolf and Valve before they’re made publicly available. Currently the Overwolf dll is blocked in the beta version but that should be fixed soon as Overwolf is a legitimate non-hack service.

And Since the tips are shown in between rounds, and after the player is fragged, it does not affect gameplay by providing any sort of advantage.

So what do you think about this amazing tool? Do let us know in the comments below.

CSGO Player develops an AI-Powered Coaching tool which provides In-Game tips! 3
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