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CSGO V/S VALORANT Detailed Comparison, Will Valorant take over CSGO?

There has been a lot of hype for the new Riot Games‘ upcoming FPS game Valorant, which is set to launch worldwide most probably this summer. Much of the hype is maybe due to many streamers like shroud being excited about it, but they were all hyped up for apex legends, cod warzone, and to some extent PUBG, but that’s a talk for another day. But the thing about Valorant is that it’s very much comparable to CSGO because Valorant just like CSGO is a 5v5 game.

So in this article I have given an in-depth analysis of the differences and similarities in both games.

5v5 Game5v5 Game
Best of 24 roundsBest of 30 rounds
Teams: Defenders, AttackersTeams: Terrorists, Counter-Terrorists
1:40 Second Round Time1:55 Second Round Time
30 second “BUY PHASE”15-second freeze time
Generalized spawn systemDifferent spawn locations everytime
More than 2 bomb sites possibleAll competitive maps have 2 bomb sites
Bomb is known as SPIKEBomb/C4
Artistic Visuals, look childishRealistic Visuals
Movement very much identical to CSGOYou know how it is in CSGO
Wallbang possibleWallbang possible
Similar recoil patternsSimilar recoil patterns

Now let’s talk about the major differences instead of the small ones discussed above, in Valorant there are agents, and each agent has unique abilities that can be used just like Nades are used in CSGO, but unlike nades which are common for all players, the unique abilities will have to be mastered, and each agent in the game will have its own role. It will be interesting to see how this thing works out because after selecting an agent, you cannot change to another agent for the entire duration of the game.

The economy is very much similar to CSGO, but unlike CSGO there a lot of things directly or indirectly different in Valorant which I believe are game-changing. At the start of the round, you can see your opponent’s economic status, and using that implement your strategy for the round. Also players can request drops through an ingame system from their team, and other players in your team can buy for you.

Other differences include that to play the game, players will be required to use Vanguard, which is the Riot Games’ anti-cheat system, and another good point of this is, that in case a player is caught cheating, the entire game will be canceled, and from what we know now is that Vanguard is much much better compared to VAC (Valve Anti Cheat), with permanent HWID bans to be implemented for cheaters (zero tolerance).

Riot Games has also indicated that the game will be based on 128 tick servers, which CSGO fans have wanted for a long time. Also, all servers will be hosted by Riot Games, so it is very unlikely that there will be community made servers for VALORANT, which might be something which they should consider, as it would limit players to play limited modes, and maps, and in a way the game might lack community created modes, maps, and other contents.

Now coming to the big question, Will Valorant lead to end of CSGO, as some people are indicating on social media?

Answer is NO.

Yes, it might cause disruption for CSGO, no doubt, but it’s highly unlikely that it might affect CSGO, and its growth in the long run. Lots of games have come and gone, but CSGO is a game which never dies, it’s highly unlikely that players might switch entirely to Valorant, because the game just doesn’t look like something CSGO players might want to play, even though being very much similar. Also these games initially always have a hype much of which is created by streamers, who are obviously are there to try new things and promote them, but such hypes just like in the past don’t last long. We all remember when famous players left CSGO for PUBG, they took no time to switch to APEX and now to COD Warzone, ultimately its the community which keeps the game alive, and theres no community like we have in CSGO, a community which despite all ups and downs has stayed loyal to the game and grown in size slowly and steadily.

For more information, You can check out videos on youtube regarding how Valorant feels like, and also try entering for the closed beta coming up.

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