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Here’s how you can be in-game DJ in CSGO

CSGO is a serious game, at the same time, players do take out time to have some fun in community servers, playing DM or some cool custom modes. You can always do a little more fun by playing songs in-game (highly not recommended in competitive), if not songs, some funny sounds, whatever you wish to.

For playing songs in-game, you don’t need to play songs on a speaker and then using your MIC, instead you can use a simple tool like SLAM.

SLAM (Source Live Audio Mixer)

Slam is the software which comes to your rescue if you want to play songs, sounds etc. in-game. The software basically allows you to import audio files, and play whichever you wish to in-game, through the developer console using simple commands.

Will you get VAC banned if you use SLAM?

No. You dont get banned for using SLAM in-game. Anyone spreading such rumors that he/she got banned because of Valve is probably making excuses for using hacks.

Where can I download SLAM?

You can download SLAM from their official site here.

Make sure to download from this official source only, other sources might contain malicious links.

How do I add songs, and play them in-game?

Slam is very much easy to install, and use, with its simple interface, you can even create custom binds, and also trim audio files. Here’s an easy tutorial for you.

So enjoy playing music with your friends in-game, and have fun. If you have any doubts, do let us know in the comments below.

Here's how you can be in-game DJ in CSGO 3
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