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Here’s how you can improve your TRUST FACTOR!

Are you tired of facing toxic players in your team, playing with and against hackers? Do your lobby members complain about the “RED trust factor” you have? We have got you covered, with this piece on how you can improve your Trust Factor. So without any fuss, let’s get straight to the topic, on what all things you need to work upon, in order for you get a good trust factor.

1) Mobile number

Make sure that you have a mobile number linked to your steam account, having a mobile number connected to your steam account, makes your account look more credible in the eyes of Valve. So if you have not linked your mobile number to your steam account, do so, ASAP.

2) Steam Profile

Having a fancy steam profile is not directly related to having a good trust factor, but indirectly it is. Imagine a situation where you think 2 players in the enemy team seem fishy, and you are wiling to report, who would you first report? Obviously the profile with :-

  • Less CSGO hours
  • Low Steam level
  • With negative comments from players
  • New steam account without any medals

The players mostly before reporting do look at your profile, so make sure your profile looks a bit decent. I am not saying spend a hundred dollars to improve your steam level, boost your hours etc. Just ensure the profile looks a bit decent. You can also add screenshots, videos etc. to improve your profile.

3) Griefing

Sometimes CSGO is fun to play, players do shoot their own teammates from time to time, mostly by mistake, or for fun, and a little bit of trolling, but giving damage to your teammates, even if they are your friends, and understand everything might have an effect on your trust even though you might not get reported for it in-game.

4) Abandoning Matches/Being Kicked

You accept, a match only if you are ready to play for the next 90 minutes or more, so abandoning matches might have a negative effect on your trust factor. Now sometimes matchmaking can be full of toxic people, what you can do is to mute them, and play as you wish instead of abandoning.

Getting kicked from matches continuously also is not a good sign.

5) Toxicity

CS:GO is a team game, your decisions have an effect on your whole team, and being toxic just ruins the whole mood, not just for you but for your team mates, avoid being toxic in nature, learn to control yourself, remember players can still report you for abusive text/communication. Also in recent updates Valve has indicated punishing toxic players who get reported a lot with cooldowns.

6) Doing Overwatch cases

Getting cheaters banned is good for the game, so do your bit in order to get those cheaters banned, this improves your trust factor or not, is debatable, but still, I would recommend doing some overwatch cases, in case you are not doing any.

Things which dont improve your Trust Factor

  1. Commend Bots
  2. Buying games from the steam market

Which thing has the most impact on your trust factor?

Hours, and a decent looking steam profile. If you are a player with less than 100 hours ingame, and playing like scream in your smurf account against novas, you know what they would do? Report EZ.

Treat your steam profile as a resume, making a good one will reap your awards, and an average-looking profile would land you up with players with poor TF. Remember trust factor builds up over time, it won’t change overnight.

Here's how you can improve your TRUST FACTOR! 3
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