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How this Indian Streamer has been breaking myths regarding GAMING!

Are you a gamer? Serious about it, and want to pursue it as a career option? or maybe giving it a try? The main issue you would face is what parents think, and what usually comes in every parent’s mind is, that its a time waste, and not worth it.

Thanks to Zishu92k (Sohail Shaikh), who took the initiative of breaking such barriers and myths, he is someone whom I personally consider as one of the best streamers in the Indian CSGO scene. Evert streamer might have at some point had to explain to his parents what he is doing, and that he is serious about. It’s expected that parents usually do not agree with this, this leads to many people actually serious about this, dropping their plans.

But Zishu was not one of those who gave up, he not only managed to convince his parents, but through his videos is also educating, and helping break the barriers.

Recently he made a video where his Dad comes on his stream and speaks how they actually supported Zishu, and talks about how the passion which Zishu showed towards the game, made them support him, from scolding him for playing games all the time, also not letting him get access to PC, to now giving full support to Zishu to follow his passion.

Zishu is now growing fast on youtube, his streams are watched by hundreds of people, with parent’s support, and his dedication, he is now reaping awards for his hard work. We are thankful to Zishu for making such videos, which would help many gamers to follow their passion.

Many Gamers give up their dreams, we hope these videos do help them in convincing their parents. Success is secondary, but not trying to pursue your dreams and career for something which you actually love, and are completely dedicated to, definitely something which we may regret later on, and in a country like India, such videos from successful streamers help break barriers and are necessary for the development of esports in India.

What do you think about the work Zishu is doing? Do let us know in the comments.

How this Indian Streamer has been breaking myths regarding GAMING! 3
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