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How to avoid getting API Scammed!

Scammers with time always find new and new ways to scam, recently a new trend has emerged when it comes to scamming CS:GO, Dota, skins on steam. This new method of scamming people is referred to as API Scam. We have in this article discussed in detail, What is API Scam, and how you can avoid getting API Scammed, and ensure your account’s safety.

What is API Scam?

Suppose you are willing to trade skins with someone for money, or maybe you want to rent it out to your friend, now what API scammers do is, as soon as you receive the trade offer from your friend. It sends you another trade offer from a profile that looks very much similar to your friend, so now you end up having 2 same trade offers, from identical profiles, and you might end up giving your skins to the scammer, which obviously we don’t want to happen so we have got you covered.

How can API Scammers, send you the trade offer with a similar profile?

This happens most likely when you are using an account that is purchased, or when you use your steam account to login to different sites (skin gambling etc.). An easy way to identify whether you can be API scammed or not is through going to the following link.

If you have a registered API key which you are not aware off, as seen in the above screenshots, revoke the key immediately, and change your account password as well.

While trading skins, always take the following precautions:-

  • Confirm the steam level of the account, steam nickname of the person.
  • As an added precaution, ask for the profile link of the person you are trading with, and confirm that you receive a trade offer, only from that profile.
  • If you need to login to any sites like faceit, sostronk, cs.money, or some other sites, which require you to log in through steam, always make sure that you are redirected for login to the official steam website.
  • Make sure to have different passwords, for your steam account, and your accounts on other sites like Facebook, Twitter, your email etc.

So these are some of the steps, you must follow to avoid API scams, if there is something else to add, do let us know in the comments.

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