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India should lead Digital Gaming Sector: PM Modi

PM Modi has been stressing on Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self Reliant India)

In its latest push for Atmanirbhar Bharat, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on Saturday held a meeting with senior ministers to discuss policies that can be implemented to boost the manufacturing of Indian Toys and create opportunities when it comes to Digital Gaming.

India is home to several toy clusters and thousands of artisans who produce indigenous toys which not only have cultural connect but also helps in building life-skills and psychomotor skills among children at an early age. Such clusters should be promoted through innovative and creative methods.


The Prime Minister stressed on the importance of Toys and the role they play when it comes to learning life and psychomotor skills by children. He also laid emphasis on Gaming sector, and how India can lead internationally in this sector, by developing Digital games which are inspired by the Indian culture and folk tales.

India should tap the huge potential in this area and lead the international digital gaming sector by developing games that are inspired from Indian culture and folk tales.


It is to note that, India is an emerging economy with the second largest population in the world, has a huge potential when it comes to Gaming. It will be interesting to see what policies the government can implement in the future which aims to boost digital gaming in India. It’s also very positive to see leaders across the world finally acknowledging the potential of Gaming as a sector when it comes to the economy.

India should lead Digital Gaming Sector: PM Modi 3
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