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Mirage Bug allows you to shoot players in MID from Ladder room (Olofboost v2)

It looks like, a bug that can be abused a lot has been found (similar to Olofboost). Users on Twitter have been posting about the bug, and videos related to the bug are already going viral since the 15th of May.

The bug basically allows you to shoot players from ladder room to connector, without being visible to any of the players. An example of the bug can be found in the tweet shared below:-

Here’s another video of a russian channel, where players can be seen having a good time on mirage.

The boost grants full control of the top mid, underpass, and connector area, but it should not take much time, for Valve to fix this bug.

I tried to recreate this bug personally, but it took a lot of attempts before I could do it. The player who found the bug has clearly said

Sometimes you might end up in a black void in which you can’t see anything. To fix that: start a local mirage match with bots and check if you can see the transparent textures by noclipping into that wall. After that join back to your game. s/o Kerr for that weird bypass & the crosshair method 🙂


So did you try to recreate this bug? If Yes, do let us know, how much time it took for you to do this.

Update: In the latest CSGO update dated 10/06/2020, this bug has been fixed, so now you can no longer use this bug.

Mirage Bug allows you to shoot players in MID from Ladder room (Olofboost v2) 3
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