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New CSGO Update brings Major Visibility boosts and major map changes!

CSGO has been receiving a lot of love from Valve recently, maybe because of Valorant which has led to a major exodus of regular players from CSGO to Valorant. So, its good to see that finally, Valve is working on making CSGO great again. The latest update brings about much-needed changes to Visibility and some minor changes to maps, but these changes might look minor but will have a major effect on how some maps will be played.

New video setting : “Boost Player Contrast

Since the release of CSGO, one of the major issues has always been visibility, and with the addition of custom player models, players have complained a lot about difficulties in spotting enemies. CSGO, a game with different maps with different lightning, details, textures, etc. It has always been a challenge for Valve to maintain the optimal visual experience while still maintaining the naturalness and simplicity of the game. So here comes Valve with a new Video setting “Boost Player Contrast”, which is basically a post-processing filter that is applied to stationary player models, which makes them easier to see.

New CSGO Update brings Major Visibility boosts and major map changes! 1

According to Valve it does the following to boost visibility:-

— Increases the character’s contrast against the background at far distances.
— Strengthens edge pixels for characters at far distances.
— Creates a small blur around a character to reduce background noise.
— Creates a small contrasting halo around a character when there is no color difference between the character and the environment.


In addition to this CSGO has also adjusted levels of fog (which is applied to characters and the world at longer distances)

In CS:GO, fog is applied separately to characters and the rest of the world. To help characters stand out from the background at longer distances, we’ve decreased the fogging on characters across all maps (and slightly increased the world fog in Dust 2).


Map Improvements

Along with Visual improvements many visual improvements have also been done to maps like Dust 2, Mirage, Overpass, Inferno, with most notable change being the doors on Dust 2 B site being flipped as they were in CS 1.6 (Nostalgia bitches !).

This small change will change how the B site is played on Dust 2, with more power being given to AWPers on CT Side, new nade lineups, etc.

Other changes in Dust 2 include a minor change to the MID position near CT. The windows on A platform has been raised so as to improve the visibility of player coming from A short to spot an enemy on A platform.

Changes in Overpass

Lots of unnecessary textures in Overpass have been removed to enhance visibility, especially near A site washrooms, the windows in A site washrooms have been closed, The bicycle on A long has been removed, lights have been added to the connector making it easier to spot enemies there, it was an extremely dark place before, coming to T spawn, lights have been turned on, earlier T spawn was a safe spot if you wanted to save weapons for the next round, the darkness gave you an advantage of not being easily visible there.

Changes in Mirage

Mirage too has received its share of changes, the dustbin on top mid has been removed, to make it easier for AWPers at Jungle to spot enemies on top mid. Also, two of the bugs have been fixed, first bug which allowed players in ladder room to boost themselves up on a ladder and see anyone in Mid and connector (kind of like Olofboost but in Mirage), and another bug which allowed you to jump from B apps to B site without making any sound.

Cache too has received improvements in Visibility especially in A main, various clipping fixes, and 1v1 arenas have been added for Cache. Train and Inferno too has received some minor changes.

Valve has said that with today’s update it will be easier to spot players in most of the cases, but still, if there are places where it’s difficult to spot, the community can provide feedback.

Today’s update should improve character read in most cases, but we know that there’s more to be done. If you identify specific situations where you think the new tools aren’t helping you, please contact us at CSGOTeamFeedback@valvesoftware.com using the subject line “Agent Read”. Include an explanation of what happened and a link to a screenshot.


Another thing which was not mentioned in the patch notes, is the inclusion of Tic Tac Toe in-game, which players can play during warmup.

So what do you think about this update? Is Valve bringing these changes to prepare players for Source 2 and maybe 128 tick servers? Do let us know in the comments. There are plenty of more changes this new update has brought, you can read the full patch notes below:-

– Added the ‘Boost Player Contrast’ advanced video setting, which improves the legibility of players in low contrast situations.

– Adjusted some agent textures for improved visibility.

– Adjusted dropped C4 collision geometry.
– Fixed Danger Zone drone pilot camera getting stuck when drone received burn damage.
– Added Desert Eagle shell eject event for last bullet fired.

– Minor texture streaming optimizations.


– Removed large ivy-models near bathrooms by A site
– Removed thin windows in bathrooms by A site
– Removed bicycle by picnic by A long
– Brightened up connector tunnel
– Brightened up T spawn
– Added nice stone trims

– Flipped B site doors
– Simplified background when looking from B tunnels towards truck in mid
– Changed fog start distance from 1000 to 512, changed max density from .2 to .4
– Raised windows by A site ramp to make characters stand out more

– Removed trash pile at top of mid
– Trimmed plant by T spawn, towards apartments
– Boosted light in market window
– Fixed silent dropdown bug from B site balcony
– Changed angle of ladder in ladder-room

– Trimmed ivy by CT spawn towards A site arch
– Fixed CSM shadow from tower in mid

– Added new train bumper model with flat top

– Replaced ladder to sniper’s nest with a box
– Cleaned up several important angles. (Thanks LangeThorup!)
– Added 1v1 Arenas
– Replaced cargo containers with new model for improved performance
– Visibility improvements in T entrance to A Main (Thanks Slender_CS!)
– Fixed unwanted/unintuitive wallbang in Mid Shed
– Subtle color tweaks
– Various clipping fixes
– Optimizations

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