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Rated Mode, UI Changes & much more coming in the next Valorant update!

Valorant Dev took to twitter to announce the upcoming changes

It’s been more than 2 weeks after the official release of Valorant on 2nd June, and since the release players have been waiting for the Rated Mode (Competitive) to be implemented to the game, there was a ranked mode in Valorant which came up during the Beta stage of the game, but it was short-lived. But it seems that the demands of players have finally been heard as Ziegler (Riot Dev) took to twitter to make some announcements.

So, it seems that you could finally start playing the ranked mode in the coming few days. Although, players can still play Unrated but since the ranks are not involved, the competitive feel of the game seems to be missing in Unrated.

It was also announced that a fix for the unavailability of the toggle run/walk option will also be added, along with some changes to the User Interface, the one which was highlighted was the shifting of the settings menu from top left corner of the screen to top right.

Rated Mode, UI Changes & much more coming in the next Valorant update! 1
In the upcoming update settings menu will be on the top right.

Overall it seems that a huge update is coming up in the next week, which would include rated mode, tons of bug fixes, changes to UI, and who knows, maybe a Deathmatch mode? Since, along with rated mode, players were asking for the deathmatch as well.

So whatever comes up in the next update, we will always keep you covered with the latest news. Do let us know what else do you expect in the upcoming Valorant updates.

Rated Mode, UI Changes & much more coming in the next Valorant update! 4
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