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Tencent removes Jungle mode from PUBG Mobile, as Muslim players call for a boycott

There are not many days when PUBG Mobile does not make the news, the mobile version has been very much popular, especially in Asian Countries, and with many big tournaments being organized, the hype for the game does not seem to end. But this time PUBG Mobile has landed itself into trouble, particularly in Islamic Countries, with its new Jungle Adventure mode a.k.a “Mysterious Jungle” mode.

So what led to the controversy?

Even though the new Jungle Adventure mode was being loved by the PUBG Mobile players for its innovative ideas which included flying in hot air balloons (never seen before in PUBG), the ability to eat special fruits, etc. in the map Sanhok. However, the one thing which led to many Muslim players to take a stand against PUBG was the inclusion of “Totems”, in front of which players could pray in order to gain health, repair vests, gain energy, receive weapons etc. But since, Idol Worship is a prohibited practice in Islam, players took to social media to express their outrage against the new mode.

After widespread outrage being expressed by the Muslim community against PUBG Mobile, Tencent removed the Jungle mode, and in a statement to Gulf News stated :

“We are deeply sorry that some features in the game have offended some of our players. We respect the values, traditions and practices of our players and regret the hurt and anguish that we’ve caused. We have removed the distressing gesture and are removing the relevant visuals.”


The statement focuses on removal of the relevant visuals and gestures, but it seems that the whole mode has been removed, and might be released later after some changes.

Did anyone of you try the new Jungle Mode? What were your views regarding the mode?

Tencent removes Jungle mode from PUBG Mobile, as Muslim players call for a boycott 3
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