The flip side of “Zishu SubBot” Fiasco


CSGO Streamers in India are finally coming to limelight, streaming in India which many considered to be limited to one game (PUBG Mobile Emulator), is now diversifying to actual PC games, and streamers like Zishu, Tbone, Ankit Panth, Psy are doing a great job by streaming games like CSGO, Valorant, etc.

But it’s sad to see that with their success, also come critics (which if done in a proper manner is good for everyone), but sometimes there are excesses which do not benefit anyone, not only they spread hatred and spew venom, but they prove how shallow and toxic our community has become, which takes no time to destroy someone’s reputation without doing proper research and analysis of the facts.

Recently a video came up targetting Zishu, a well-known streamer in the Indian Community.

So, the person who made this video, claims that Zishu has been using SubBot based on a site called Social Blade, at first glance, it does look that SubBot is being used, by seeing exactly 100 subscribers being gained 100 subscribers being lost, etc., but if we look carefully, the site actually does not give exact data of subscribers gained or lost. In fact, it rounds off the numbers.

Suppose you are gaining around 10 subscribers a day, on 10th day it will show a sudden gain of 100 subscribers on 10th day. If you are gaining around 120-130 subs a day for example, it will show a daily gain of exactly 100 subscribers.

Now let’s take an example of 2 dates, which you can cross verify through Social Blade.

  • 23/05/2020 and 06/06/2020, which show a gain of 200 subscribers and loss of 100 subscribers respectively (on Social Blade)
  • But we contacted Zishu, and asked him to share what Youtube Analytics shows for these 2 dates, which shows that the numbers which social blade shows are not accurate, they are just rounded off figures and can’t be relied upon fully.

Social Blade has been representing rounded off data, and this can be cross verified by checking other channels. Plus the video claims to be showing a sudden rise of subscribers on Zishu’s channel in April, here’s a snapshot from the video.

The flip side of "Zishu SubBot" Fiasco 5

But, these subscribers are mostly coming after Zishu started a giveaway on 4th April 2020, the results of which were declared in mid may. The giveaway video received a great response, fetching over 290k views, with more than 10k comments, hence justifying the subscriber gains made during this period.

If I wanted to use “Sub Bot”, I would already have 100k subscribers on my channel. When people have half knowledge about things, they should never come to conclusions. It took a lot of effort for me to reach where I am today, and there’s still a lot of hard work to do. When someone throws allegations like these, it hurts. Such unnecessary allegations discourage streamers. I have no hostility towards anyone, and I hope Indian streamers and Youtubers can flourish together in a Toxic-Free environment.


Hence, with all the data available, there seems to be no proof of Zishu using any kind of SubBotting tool, etc. Indian Streamers and Youtubers, today, are the ones responsible, for building up a healthy community, being representatives of the Indian gaming community on a world stage. Roasting each other, maligning each other’s image won’t lead us anywhere, and for the audience it’s a request, to support the streamers, many of them take out time every day to entertain you, leaving their work aside, because of the love you give them.

Here’s what Zishu has to say regarding the whole controversy:-

So, What do you all think about this situation, and What opinions do you have regarding the excessive toxicity we have in our community. Do Let us know in the comments.