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The Steam Item with only 5% Transaction Fees!

So if you have been using the Steam Community Market you know that whenever you sell any item there, there is a fixed fee of 15% of the transaction amount which the buyer pays, and you get the remaining amount, but what if I tell you there exists a unique item, which happens to be cheap, highly liquid, and when you sell it on the Steam community market, the fee charges is only 5%

First, lets breakdown the 15% fees, the 15% fees includes the following :-

  • 10% Steam Developer Fee (Which goes to the Game Developer)
  • 5% Steam Transaction Fee (Which goes to Valve)

But here comes an item: Planet 4546B Postcard which is just a commemorative item for the 2018 Steam Awards, it does nothing and is only good for buying and selling, and the fee which is charged is just 5%.

The Steam Item with only 5% Transaction Fees! 1
As you can see the fees charges is just 5%

Now how is this possible?

It’s probably because the developers of Subnautica never cared about this item (because other Subnautica items take a full 15% fee), and maybe Steam too has neglected this. It dosent look like that this thing will go on forever.

What makes this special?

For an average steam user this won’t matter much, but consider a situation where someone has to transfer a good amount of funds from one steam account to another that too immediately without having to wait days and weeks for items to become tradeable, the only option for you is to list an item on the market for way more than it’s worth from the account which has no funds, and to buy the same item from the steam market from the second account, but in that process, you will have to pay around 12% fee.

The Steam Item with only 5% Transaction Fees! 2
Method on how Funds can be transferred from one steam account to another

To avoid this, Planet 4546B Postcard comes into play, and if you are transferring a good amount of money, this can actually save you a lot of money. Quick Maths

  • Normal Condition : $1000/1.15 = $869.6
  • With Planet 4546B Postcard: $1000/1.05 = $952.4
  • Total Savings = $82.8 (approx)

So it actually saves you a considerable amount of money, if you want to transfer funds.

The Steam Item with only 5% Transaction Fees! 3
When you list this item, it shows that Buyer will pay the normal fee.
The Steam Item with only 5% Transaction Fees! 4
But when it get’s listed, you can see it only takes the 5% from the buyer.


This item has been the most popular item on the Steam Community Market for a long time now, it’s very much possible that people with not so good intentions (money launderers, carders, etc.) might be using this. So I would suggest you avoid this since you risk getting your account trade banned. Also, transferring funds from one account to another might also result in your account getting trade banned. The article is for informational purposes only. It’s also likely that this thing won’t last forever, it might be a glitch which can get patched later on.

So what do you think about this item, glitch or whatever you wanna call it? Do let us know in the comments.

The Steam Item with only 5% Transaction Fees! 7
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