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These AWP Skins are available at Dirt Cheap Prices!

Some AWP skins have recently dropped a lot in prices, the skins are no way in the likes of Gungnir, Dragonlore or Medusa, but they are decent enough for someone to have in their inventories, and no we are not talking about Safari mesh. We are here to discuss decent looking AWP Skins which are available at dirt-cheap prices!

AWP Atheris

Atheris was released with the Prisma Case, given the looks of the skin, I dont know why would Valve make it a restricted skin, instead of a classified skin, but anyway, if you are looking for a decent looking skin, Atheris is the one you should consider.

These AWP Skins are available at Dirt Cheap Prices! 1
AWP Atheris

The prices have dropped significantly, since the time it came out, well we know initially skin prices are always higher, but the prices are nearly 1/6th now, for the factory new version.

Here is a price comparison for different types, from initial days to now.

TypesInitial PriceCurrent Price
Factory New$78$12.5
Minimal Wear$53$6.3
Field Tested$38$4
Well Worn$25$3.3
Battle Scarred$20$2.7
Price Comparison of AWP atheris

AWP Mortis

AWP Mortis was released with the clutch case, yes it’s a classified skin, but when it comes to price, it does not seem so. If you initially wanted to buy the AWP Mortis (Factory New) you would have to shell out $135, but guess how time works, the skin now trades only for $8 for the Factory new version.

Given its looks, does the price feel justified? I guess NO.

These AWP Skins are available at Dirt Cheap Prices! 2
AWP Mortis
TypesInitial PriceCurrent Price
Factory New$135$8
Minimal Wear$80$4.5
Field Tested$46$4
Well Worn$25$5.5
Battle Scarred$45$4.1
Price Comparison of AWP Mortis

AWP Capillary

AWP Capillary is a Mil Spec Grade rifle, but going by it’s look, its decent enough for you to have in your inventory if you are looking for some cheap skins, the AWP came with the recently released Prisma Case 2.

Once trading at $20 initially, the AWP is now available at just $3.5, which is a great price to buy into, this price has remained stable for some time now.

TypesInitial PriceCurrent Price
Factory New$19.9$3.5
Minimal Wear$19.7$1.2
Field Tested$18.6$0.69
Well Worn$4.7$1.1
Battle Scarred$2.8$0.69
Price Comparison of AWP Mortis

So what do you think about these skins? Did we miss any other AWP skins?

Disclaimer: The article shares my personal opinions regarding the mentioned skins, this should not be treated as a piece of investment advice, all profits, losses resulted from buying, trading, investing into skins are solely your responsibility.

These AWP Skins are available at Dirt Cheap Prices! 5
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