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VALORANT Beta cheaters remain banned even after the Game’s release!

Well, if you think you would cheat in Valorant Beta for fun, and get away with the ban after the game is released officially, it seems that Riot Games already knew about your plans. It’s now known that cheaters who got banned while the game was in Beta mode, will remain banned.

The long-awaited Riot Games’ FPS title Valorant was released on 2nd June 2020, after around 2 months of Beta. The cat and mouse game with hackers started within a week of Beta’s launch, and it seems that Valorant is having a tough stand against cheating. So if you are one of those players who decided to ruin the experience of other players by hacking in Valorant while the game was in Beta, you will remain HWID Banned.

One such player went on to ask Riot Games’ CEO, whether the bans have been lifted or not, and rest you can see yourself what happened.

So whatever happens in the future, one thing is clear, that until now Valorant is the only game we have seen which has a tough stand against cheaters, which is highly commendable, and a thing we expect companies like Valve do for games like CSGO.

Valorant is now available for everyone to download, and it’s free to play. Have you tried it? What’s your opinion regarding the game?

VALORANT Beta cheaters remain banned even after the Game's release! 3
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