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Valve adds new KILL FEED icons to Game Files, but not INGAME

Today, Valve released another big update, bringing in changes and improvements to maps, adding 1v1 mode to more maps like overpass, nuke etc, some minor updates to Anubis and Chlorine, with a major update coming to Cache which has been improved a lot when it comes to Visibility, the map feels much better to play.

But we are not here to discuss all this, the interesting part of the update is the addition of new Kill Feed icons to game files, although they have not been implemented in-game, their addition to game files indicates a lot of things. Below you can see the new kill feed icons added in the game files.

The kill feed icons suggest that in the upcoming updates, you would be able to see much more information in the kill feed, for kills made through smoke, while being blinded by a flashbang, and also no scopes. Also looking at how Valve is bringing updates to CSGO now almost every week now, it seems like something big is coming up for CSGO (maybe 128 tick servers, who knows?). Let’s see what happens, but it is for sure, there will be some groundbreaking updates, considering the release of Valorant, a potential competitor to CSGO, this summer.

Here’s a detailed list of changes seen in today’s update as said in today’s official update blog post here.

[ MAPS ]
—Changed default CT faction to FBI.

—Latest version of radar.

—Improved visibility map-wide.
—Brightened hiding spot near sandbags.
—Brightened A Main.
—Brightened B Main.
—Brightened target placed in corner under B Heaven.
—Reduced visual noise.
—Reduced foliage clutter.
—Speculative fix to ragdolls floating on the A Bombsite.
—Adjusted HDR settings.

—Added 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.
—Fixed clipping on dumpster at A site.

Wingman Nuke:
—Added 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.
—Radar now uses new graphical style.

—Fixed gap under box on B site.
—Added ramp-clipping to side of box.
—Fixed some minor graphical bugs.

Valve adds new KILL FEED icons to Game Files, but not INGAME 6
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