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Why 128 tick servers and improved anti-cheat are CSGO’s need of the hour!

Counter-Strike has always been a competitive game, and has always been a game that might have seen its ups and downs, but it’s one of those games, which never die. Games come to the market, they get popular, peak out their player bases, and a time comes when the hype for the games starts to fall. But Counter-Strike has been very consistent, with its loyal player base, competitive nature, and the fact that it’s still the same game without drastic changes.

But today, a challenge stands for Counter-Strike, on how in the coming years will it be able to cater to its loyal player base, CSGO has survived the arrival of PUBG, Apex, etc. But will it be able to survive if a game like Valorant, having many similarities with CSGO? Why would someone keep playing a 2012 title, full of cheaters, 64 tick servers, toxicity, when a free to play title like Valorant, which can run on almost any PC, provides a much better experience?

It’s finally the time for Valve to listen to the community, and their demands, and introspect themselves, the problems CSGO is facing. Personally, over the last few months, I have given up playing CSGO, the game is just shit, especially when Valve itself can’t do anything. All CSGO players want is to spend a few hours a day, playing a few matches on competitive with their friends, but what do they get? Toxicity, Blatant cheaters. The so-called “State of the Art” Anti-cheat, can’t even detect a player doing spinbot in matchmaking, forcing the players who are legit being stuck with a blatant hacker for maybe an hour.

In my personal observations, many of my personal friends have switched to Valorant, only because of being fed up with cheaters in matchmaking, a trend which I did not see when PUBG came, plus Valorant being similar to CSGO, many players take no time to learn the game. It looks like that if Valve does not bring about major changes in CSGO, the game might soon fade away into history, and the only 2 major changes which the community expects are the following:-

  1. 128 Tick Servers
  2. A better anti-cheat

The trust factor system has failed, it does not work, if you play good, you get reported, and get thrown away into matchmaking with hackers, cheaters, and where toxicity reigns supreme. A better anti-cheat which can actually detect cheats is required, players who love CSGO, the main reason for them leaving CSGO, are hackers, if somehow the cheating problem can be controlled, or minimised from the levels which we see today, it would be great for CSGO. I have seen players with free cheats not getting banned for years, so when Faceit and ESEA can control the problem of cheating to some extent, why can’t Valve?

CSGO being a competitive game, needs 128 tick servers, the community has had enough of 64 tick matchmaking, bringing in 64 tick would enable many new things, they don’t need to go to faceit, sostronk or esea just for practising on 128 tick. With games like Valorant bringing in 128 tick servers, its time Valve does the same too.

Why 128 tick servers and improved anti-cheat are CSGO's need of the hour! 3
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