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Why you should not buy CSGO Skins for some time

CSGO Skins prices have skyrocketed, many skins are trading at expensive valuations, especially gloves, knives, and skins with rare stickers or patterns, the price rise is unbelievable, but there’s something which I want to share about in this article. For me, it does look like that the skin prices are mostly inflated, and in the near future, we can see a sharp decline in the prices of CSGO skins. So here I have listed down on why you should not buy or invest in CSGO skins for some time.

The reasons why a significant decline in prices is yet to come, is mostly because of the following three main reasons, all three reasons will be discussed in detail below:-

Corona Virus (Covid 19)

It’s well known, how people are hooked to gaming during periods of lockdown worldwide due to Corona Virus, and CSGO has seen many players coming to play, beating all previous records. As people come to play CSGO, more money flows into the steam market, making skin prices appreciate in value. But this thing won’t last long, people will eventually come out of their homes, as lockdowns start to lift across the globe, and life returns to normal, which has already begun in some countries. So the surge in people playing more video games, more CSGO is temporary, and won’t last long.

As people return to normal lives, player numbers will see a dip, which eventually might result in people cashing out their skins. Now it’s hard to assess, how much impact on average it might have on skin prices, but its sure that there will be some negative impact, at least on skins which are below $100 in value.

The Release of Valorant

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Well, Valorant is set to release on 2nd of June, and what looks like is that many CSGO players will switch to playing Valorant. With many pros like Scream switching to Valorant, it looks like a significant chunk of players will switch to playing Valorant from CSGO (At least for some time), and as we know Valorant, too will feature skins for weapons.

Now, as players move from CSGO to Valorant, many of them are likely to cash out some of their CSGO skins, and as money moves from CSGO Skins to Valorant Skins, surely a dip is expected at the prices of CSGO Skins. Simple Demand and Supply.

Now, to what extent this effects skin prices, again its very hard to estimate, and we will only know this with time, and how Valorant is received by the Gaming Community.

Steam Summer Sale

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Steam Summer Sale Discounts

It’s very well known what happens during Steam Summer Sale, every time during Summer Sale, prices of Skins drop around 5-10%, mostly of skins which are in the price range of $1 to $100, as players sell their skins on the market, so as to use the steam wallet balance to buy games which are on sale.


Now all of the factors discussed above will mostly apply to skins below 200 USD, as the high tier skins are not affected much, mostly because people don’t sell them much, keep them in their inventories as an investment, the volumes remain dry. But the combination of all these three factors MIGHT, trigger a correction in prices of some high tier skins. Now considering all these factors, according to me, currently one should avoid buying into CSGO Skins for now.

After the release of Valorant, and the Steam Summer Sale, the fall in prices might actually create investment opportunities for many CSGO Skins. So, the only advice I would give if someone is interested in buying skins is to WAIT. So what do you think, are the prices of skins headed for a decent correction? Do let us know in the comments.


Investment and Trading Skins, involves a lot of risks, I am in no way responsible for the losses or profits you might make based on the things I have shared in the article, the content in the article must be treated for informational purposes only, you should do your own research before taking any investment or trading decisions

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