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You can now play Table Tennis & Chess with your friends in CSGO

CS:GO like all other Counter-Strike games, has always been a game with a loyal player base, and a community which keeps coming up with new things. Being a community-driven game to a great extent CSGO allows players to make custom maps, modes and even lets players design skins (which might get accepted to feature in cases later).

One such player has released a unique map and a mode where players can actually play Table tennis amongst themselves, and the map can accommodate a maximum of 4 players, so you can either play a 1v1 match or 2v2. The map has been there for only a week, and it has received lot of love from the community with over 32k+ players subscribing the map in just the first week alone.

There are some other maps also created by Imania, which you guys can also check out, like the Chess map (who believed you would be able to play Chess in CSGO) and the Rubik’s Cube map

Here’s how you can play on these maps

  • Make Sure you are logged into your steam account, from your browser, steam client or ingame.
  • Subscribe to the maps in the workshop.
  • Run CSGO, go to Play CSGO, and select Workshop Maps.
  • You should now be able to see the subscribed maps.
  • Add your friends to the lobby and have a great time.

The Steam Workshop is filled with many more amazing maps, and it might take years to explore more of these unique maps, do you know any? If Yes, do let us know in the comments 😀

You can now play Table Tennis & Chess with your friends in CSGO 4
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